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BMW E30's x Wörthersee - #LIFEONAIR

BMW E30's x Worthersee 2017.

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BMW E30 3시리즈 320i (feat.현진영) 대한민국 레트로 열풍에 시작을 알린 올드 클래식카 / young men riding classic cars. 3series

동네형이 들려주는 자동차 이야기

클래식카를 타는 젊은 남자들 BMW E30 3시리즈
올드카의 기준이 된 BMW 모델
자동차 매니아로 알려진 성우 배한성, 다이나믹듀오 래퍼 개코의 애마
그 설레였던 시승을 함께 만나 보시죠.

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일욕프로젝트 모음:
올드카, 클래식카 모음:
동네형자동차생활 모음:
정마담 인스타그램:

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The story of a car told by a local guy

Young Men Riding Classic Cars BMW E30 3 Series
BMW Model as the Standard for Old Car
Bae Han-sung, a voice actor known as a car maniac, and Aema of Dynamic Duo Rapper Gaeko
Let's meet the exciting test drive together.

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So You Want a BMW E30

Arguably one of the most iconic cars on the road, the BMW E30. Today Alex talks a little about the history, and goes in depth on why you would want to own an E30. From the base models, to the M3, these cars are a blast. But with costly maintenance and it getting harder to find a clean body, would you own one? Comment below!

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So You Want is a series dedicated to talking about all things automotive. From engine swaps to cars such as the Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7, Honda S2000, Subaru WRX, and many more. Strap in as Alex gives you the lowdown on what to expect if you are looking at owning, working on, or modifying any of these cars.

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