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시작부터 우승후보 등장!? 노트블록컨테스트 JMC 영화 ost편 1조

인기상 선정을 위한 투표는 ↓아래 링크↓를 이용해 주세요!
많은 투표 부탁드립니다!

00:00 Intro
04:07 너에게 난 나에게 넌 (클래식 ost.)
09:33 Let It Go (겨울왕국 ost.)
13:19 Zero (주먹왕 랄프 2 ost.)
19:28 전전전세 (너의 이름은 ost.)
22:27 바람이 지나가는 길 (이웃집 토토로 ost.)
#JMC #마크 #노트블럭 #콘테스트
Gaming_Jo 챠밍조이스틱 : 오늘부터 매일 저녁 6~7시사이 총 5편 동안 올라올 노트블럭 대회 많은 시청부탁드립니다!
인기상 선정을 위한 투표는 ↓아래 링크↓를 이용해 주세요!
많은 투표 부탁드립니다!
조영탁 : 보건교사안은영했으면ㄹㅈㄷ인데ㄲㅂ
성새우 : standing egg 나왔으면 좋겠다.(나 4:50초반 보고 그런거임
홍당무 : 21:13 아 갬성아 어디갔니
25:51 토루토루(?)
모아이TV : 김시선이 진렬인줄알았음ㅋㅋㅋ
로블록스라이프 : 다 좋은데.... 노트블럭 특성상 다 스타카토.....
아릐랑 : 다른 조 다 봤는데 토토로 이길 사람 없는 것 같아... ㄹㅇ로
포슈머 : 주먹왕랄프가 인기투표 후보에도 못들었네.. 젤좋았는데
홍서준 : 죄송한데 못한다는 분은 직접만들수있어서 그러세요? 저거 만드는데 겁나 오래걸림
djl9701 : 김나성의 님이 누구죠?

The Comeback Kid! 2019 125cc Dream Race | JMC Racing

A race truly dedicated only for 2 strokes?? How can you not enjoy that? JMC Elite rider Brandon Ray showed dominance and confidence at the Washougal Track. Coming back from 22nd to 2nd overall was very impressive. Do you think he would have won that race if not he crashed? Comment below!

Reminder! Our JMC 125 Husqvarna is Built in house and is a true 125! Also our Suspension is in house! Contact us about getting your bikes to the next Level!

Thank you for Watching!

Last video we did a giveaway on a set of graphics!
Winner: SimplyKnox_G 2016 Yz 125.
Contact Dynamic Designs. @Dynamic__Designs on Intagram

JMC Motorsports (Parts, Service, Accessories : for almost anything!)
Call: 509-542-9925
Address: 1225 S 10th Ave Pasco, WA 99301

JMC Motorsports
Fly Racing
Owens Meats
Rekluse Motor Sports

@dynamic__designs HGS Official BUD Racing USA @liquimoly.usa.canada Renn Fuel Renthal Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant DG2Motorsportz LLC @enzoracingkyb X Brand Goggles @tricitytoolsolutions @dubyausa Acerbis USA DT-1 Filters @arcmemlon Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Guts Racing Moto Stuff Motion Pro, Inc. Technical Touch Racing Xtrig Husqvarna Motorcycles USA @jennadparker @realrogerdecoster @ultibro @bbhewitt
Knox : Yooo guys I cant believe I won im so happy thank you so much to everyone at JMC and dynamic_designs ❤
Ethan Sepulveda : Jmc where you at with my factory ride ‍♂️
ngh : Wow! Did you see that bike holeshot? They have those things running right!!! He just disappeared. I'd love to know what they've done to that bike!!!
Full Throttle : Dude that’s badass! One hell of a ride!
Glicky : Seem like a really good kid
American Hunter : How old is he? And what class was he racing? If I was him I would move two 250f and see what I could do in nationals seems he has a small fan base
Bigxbarb : Funny thing is that Hayden Deegan could beat him lol
Jhon Deblois : Idol
ozzy van den bergo : Wow
Moto Rider94 : b-ray is one of the fastest, if not the fastest kid to ever ride a 125 at washougal

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onepunch oldman : American engine , bad bad thing
hien nguyen : I heard good things about jmc ..they have american engines apparently....




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