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Why are the GABV members doing business differenty

The First Sustainable Finance Conference by LAPO (GABV)

Hosted on the 7/11/2019

We had the pleasure of attending the First Sustainable Finance Conference by LAPO. 

Sustainable finance is a process identified by LAPO Microfinance Bank Ltd in managing its financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities; it focuses on promoting the welfare of LAPO’s people, and preserving the planet in addition to superior financial performance.  Our sustainability statement is to be ‘a sustainable Microfinance Bank that supports its partners to become proactive participants in positively impacting the environment and society through sustainable practices, meeting the economic and social needs of its clients while fulfilling the expectations of its stakeholders".

Here is a video with our Executive Director Marcos Eguiguren during the event.

GABV Communications Tool Kit (Members/Partners)

Go to Settings, and select Subtitles/CC to view captions in English and Spanish

English script:

When you join the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, you make a powerful choice.
As a member or partner, you say YES to leading change in the banking sector.
We help you do this by providing networking, knowledge exchange, tools, capital solutions, and amplification opportunities to ensure you successfully
Collaborate with subject-matter experts in your field,
Innovate to increase social, economic and environmental impact,
Contemplate how to leverage your people, capital and resources to sustain positive change, and
Accelerate the growth of your business through local, national and international connections.

#BankingOnValues is at the forefront of a quiet revolution in banking.
You are leading this change.
Whether you call it ethical, sustainable, regenerative, community-focused, green, just, or values-based banking,
This is a movement.
And with your help we can make it spread wider and faster than ever before.
The Global Alliance is more than a connected and committed network.
It is
A global, ethically-based banking brand.
A values-based business development exchange.
A banking-based change-making network.
And a cause-based marketing community.
There is strength in numbers.
And power in a collective voice.
Join us this year and help us amplify this growing, global, movement.
We will provide the tools.
Can you help us expand our collective impact?
Join the conversation #BankingOnValues

Learn more www.gabv.org/tools
Spanish script:

Cuando se afilia a la Global Alliance for Banking on Values, usted toma una decisión importante.
Como miembro o socio, usted dice SÍ a liderar un cambio en el sector bancario.
Le ayudamos a hacer esto al proporcionar una red, un intercambio de conocimientos, herramientas, soluciones de capital y la ampliación de oportunidades para asegurar que pueda
colaborar con éxito con expertos de su campo,
innovar para incrementar el impacto social, económico y medioambiental,
reflexionar sobre cómo influenciar a personas, capital y recursos para sostener un cambio positivo y
acelerar el crecimiento de su negocio a través de relaciones locales, nacionales e internacionales.
#BankingOnValues está al frente de una revolución tranquila en la banca.
Está liderando este cambio.
Llámelo ético, sostenible, regenerativo, centrado en la comunidad, verde o simplemente la banca basada en valores,
Esto es un movimiento.
Y con su ayuda, podemos difundirlo más lejos y más rápido que nunca.
La Global Alliance for Banking on Values es más que una red conectada y comprometida.
Una marca global y de banca basada en la ética. Un intercambio de desarrollo empresarial basado en valores
Una red bancaria que realiza cambios.
Y una comunidad de marketing dedicada a causas.
Hay fuerza en los números.
Y hay poder en una voz colectiva.
Únase a nosotros este año y ayúdenos a ampliar este movimiento global y en crecimiento.
Nosotros proporcionaremos las herramientas.
¿Puede ayudarnos a ampliar nuestro impacto colectivo?
Únase a la conversación #BankingOnValues
Más información: www.gabv.org/tools




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