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BMW iX3 2021 review - a German Tesla Model Y?

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This is BMW’s all-new, all-electric SUV, the iX3!

Excited already? Well, you’ll have to hold your horses - it’s not going to be available until Summer 2021! However, we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on a press car to show you just what you can expect from BMW’s all-new EV.

When it comes to the design, you won’t be surprised to hear it doesn’t veer too far away from the regular X3. There are smatterings of blue across both the interior \u0026 exterior, along with a new grille (no need for the regular vents, after all) and a new bumper at the rear.

On the inside, you’ll be glad to hear not too much has changed - a good thing, given how popular the regular X3 is! However, being a new car, it’s also been updated with the latest BMW infotainment system. In terms of performance, the iX3 is powered by a single, rear-mounted motor (that can produce 236hp and 400Nm of torque), along with an 80kWh battery pack.

But can it outperform class-leaders like the Mercedes EQC \u0026 Audi e-tron? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:58 Price
01:38 Exterior Design
03:28 Interior
04:40 Back Seats
05:25 Boot
06:13 Five Annoying Things
07:44 Five Cool Things
10:10 Motors \u0026 Batteries
10:57 Town Driving
13:17 Motorway Driving
14:35 0 - 60mph
15:28 Verdict

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Britt Embry : You can choose to have it without the blue bits on the exterior, and I think it looks much better without :)
FLOB32 : I'm quite disappointed by this iX3 to be honest.. It's way down on power and range compared to the EQC and e-tron and it's not even offering AWD.. Why didn't BMW use the space in the front to install a second motor (and / or more batteries) to offer AWD and more range? At least as an option, that would've been nice.
The only good thing is it's price. Over here in Germany, it's pretty much fully loaded as standard. Quite the opposite for the EQC and even more so for the e-tron. Spec up an e-tron and you're looking at a 100k price-tag easily. That's ~30k more than you'll have to pay for this iX3 and ~20k more than an EQC..
Smacksdk : Man, this video is cringe when you dont find the man funny... ‍♂️
John Fish : The blue bits look a bit crap, it doesn't need them. As for it being rear-drive only (yet called X) and having no storage space under that huge bonnet, that's just ridiculous, absolutely terrible packaging.
Aditya Jaison : I love the wheels !!!!

2007 BMW X33.0sia 3.0SI in Glendale, CA 91204

Pacific BMW
800 S. Brand Blvd.
in Glendale, CA 91204

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You're going to love the 2007 BMW X3. It features all-wheel drive versatility, an automatic transmission, and a 3 liter 6 cylinder engine. BMW prioritized handling and performance with features such as: front and rear reading lights, power front seats, a leather steering wheel, an outside temperature display, front fog lights, rear wipers, and seat memory. Everything is where it ought to be, from the dashboard controls to the door locks and window controls. For drivers who enjoy the natural environment, a power moon roof allows an infusion of fresh air. Premium sound drives 8 speakers, providing you and your passengers a sensational audio experience. Side curtain airbags deploy in extreme circumstances, shielding you and your passengers from collision forces. Our sales staff will help you find the vehicle that you've been searching for. We'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Call now to schedule a test drive.

2008 BMW x3 3.0si Automotive Review

EMG Auto Sales
Telephone: 732-527-0477
885 Route U.S. 1 South Avenel,
New Jersey 07001
Jeremy Duvall : thats not an 08
Auto Ad Builder : @410bigbosssniper That's funny, yes it is!
Auto Ad Builder : No we are by Woodbridge, you have to check the website to keep up with the latest inventory. I do weekly videos there. I know they have some new X3 inventory I just did.
ClassicPistons : Why do european cars which are in the states have bigger bumpers?
Auto Ad Builder : Safety Standards




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