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How to Operate EVAFLEX® 5-SE and EVAFLEX® 5-SE-VT / FFC/FPC Connectors / I-PEX Connectors

How to mate, lock, unlock and unmate the FFC to EVAFLEX® 5-SE and EVAFLEX® 5-SE-VT FFC/FPC Connectors with auto-locking function.

EVAFLEX 5-SE: https://www.i-pex.com/product/evaflex-5-se
EVAFLEX 5-SE-VT: https://www.i-pex.com/product/evaflex-5-se-vt

FPC/FFC product series matrix : https://www.i-pex.com/sites/default/files/pdf/Matrix_MINIFLEX-EVAFLEX_E.pdf
Raûl Yodici : tradusir al español

N610 FFC Cable 교체방법

만든이: 신도리코CS기술팀

Flexible flat cable FFC cable repair methods

These cables are used in phones, 3d printers games consoles, DVD players etc and are a real pain if they break.
AverageJoe : Thanks mate, you saved my day!!
31-Raagul T : Can I extend 24pin FFC cable?
incogni2 : Mine is from a laptop power button I over bent it and got broken, what happens if I just solder it all together, or is there any way to splice it to bring the two piece back together?
Jason Michaud : You can get them from distributors like www.digikey.com. (no i dont work for them)
Sid21 D : Nice informative video. Is there any way to connect a 26 pin ribbon cable to the board having flex cable connector (for the use of flex cables like in the video)? Please help.
Actually the board with ribbon cable connector on it, is not manufactured nowadays, so want to use new board having thin flex cable connector on it.
Is there any adapter available?




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